Easy Payday with a lot of Granting – our TOP5

Loan companies in the offer of which you will find easy payday with high admission, which are available without complicated requirements and formalities.

Although we currently have a choice of a whole group of companies in which we get a payday, it is not in every such company that we get a loan equally easily. Some of the companies use a wide range of verifications, which makes it possible to get extra cash from them as often as in banks. Today I decided to focus on 5 selected companies that give easy payday with a lot of granting. In these companies, you should not have a problem with getting a payday.


I had the opportunity to submit a request for a payment in one loan company. I know from experience that in one company we will get a payday more easily and in another one, getting a loan will be a problem. Today I would like to focus on those companies which are characterized by high loan granting.


Observing my blog, you’ve certainly noticed that Hypocredit is my favorite among this type of loan, and from a different angle. In this company, we will obtain one of the largest short-term loans. The company has the lowest costs for its regular customers and for this it pays out loans at a rapid pace. I could mention such advantages even more, but I decided to focus only on the most important ones. The company’s offer is also characterized by the fact that it has a large loan granting. We would have to have a really bad credit history and a very low ability (well below the lowest domestic one) to not get a loan through the company. As part of the first loan, you can get the first loan up to PLN 3000 for free. In the case of regular customers, Hypocredit can offer loans up to PLN 7,500.

If I encouraged you to reach for a loan, it is worth hurry up because you will have the opportunity to participate in the Hypocredita birthday competition , which will end with the last day of July.


Another of my proposals for easy payday loans. Metloan belongs to this group of companies in which we have a chance to get a loan even if the bank rejected our loan application . So people who for various reasons could not get cash through a bank will have a better chance of getting the money they need. As a new client at Metloan, we can get a loan up to PLN 2,000, in the case of further loans, this amount can be increased up to PLN 5,000. Similarly to Hypocredit, we can still use the popular minute offer for PLN 0 . Under which the first loan in the company we borrow for free and without additional fees.


Another company with a relatively large acceptance of applications for payday is Lime Kredyt. The company may be slightly less known than the two previous brands, however, operating successfully on the Polish loan market for at least several years. As part of the first moment in Lime Kredyt, we will borrow up to PLN 3250 and such a loan as a new client, we can get for free in the company. Of course, the condition in this case is the timely repayment of the loan within a period not exceeding 30 days. You only need to be 18 or older to obtain a loan and have a personal ID. It will also be necessary to have a personal account to which the loan money will be transferred. The company emphasizes in its advertising materials. he gives the loan in an express time and the cash can be on his account even within 5 minutes of the acceptance of the application.


FreeDaypay is another offer of easy payday with a lot of granting and so a loan offer, which you should get without any major problems. As the company officially announces on its pages, FreeDaypay belongs to companies in which briefs are provided without verification in Retrodatabase databases . So it does not matter if we apply for the first loan in the company or we have already used the services of the company, we will be able to borrow up to 5000 PLN with the help of FreeDaypay. What maybe not everyone knows, the company makes it possible for people who are 18 or older to get a loan, who also have income to repay the loan on time.


The loan teller should also be included in companies providing easy payday, without the required additional certificates or other complicated formalities. If for the first time you use the company’s offer, you will be able to borrow up to PLN 1,500 with them, without incurring any additional costs. The first loan is completely free, thanks to the fact that you will be able to take advantage of the promotion of new clients. What’s more, you will have not only the standard 30 days to repay the loan, as in most companies, and a period of a little longer than 35 days. With subsequent loans, the company may offer a much larger loan ceiling, up to PLN 7,500. The company makes its loans available to persons who are over 20 years of age with fixed income, which do not default on the repayment of other financial obligations and do not appear in the debtors’ databases.

Bonus: VIA SMS

One-stop-shop Via SMS

After the loan office, there is one more offer which is characterized by high loan granting. Via SMS also belongs to companies in which we get an easy and fast loan completely via the Internet . Via SMS was one of the first companies that started giving shortcuts online. Similarly to our predecessor, we will meet here a time limit, which is completely free for new customers. If you reach for your first time in Via SMS, you can borrow up to PLN 1,500 through them. In the case of subsequent loans, the limit of loans for regular customers can reach up to PLN 4,000. The main condition for obtaining a loan in the company is 18 years of age and a current ID card.

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